Women and Advertisements

found at livejournal
found at livejournal


Welcome to my page!


This website is my final project for Women and Media class.

Through the semester, I have learned how much media have influenced the roles of women in society, having created the stereotypes of women as well.


For my final project, I'd like to focus on the role of advertisiments which have created, reinforced, and perpetuated the stereotypes of women, such as housewives, sexual objects, or independent women.


The advertisers have always been working very hard, very hard to benefit themselves.They have imosed the limited images upon women to make women feel "I have to be the image, or I cannot be accepted by the society."


I'd like to look at each time period to explore how women have been represented in different time periods and how societal factors have influenced advertising. I have collected as many ads as I can, so this website is more like a library of ads , rather than an academic analyzing website.


I hope you will enjoy!